Finance department and all financing solutions

Real Estate Finance Program

Realize your dream and the dream of your family and own any real estate (completed – unfinished – residential buildings – commercial buildings – rest houses – lands) throughout the Kingdom within a package of various real estate solutions offered by the Modern Buildings Real Estate Company with a competitive profit margin and in compliance with Shariah provisions and controls.

Construction Completion Program

With our financing programs to complete the construction, we achieve your desire to build or complete the construction of your property, whether the property is (land – completed building – unfinished building) with a competitive profit margin commensurate with the level of your aspirations for stability and securing your family’s future.

Mortgage Program

If you have a property and want to buy another property or renovate and renovate the property, you can obtain real estate financing in return for mortgaging the property at a competitive profit margin and in easy monthly installments that will help you achieve your aspirations.

Consolidation of Obligations Program

If you own a property, we can help you unify all your financial obligations to be one installment for one party, and that is the guarantee of the property.

Funding program for government sector employees

Through this program, we offer special financing solutions suitable for all civil and military state employees and employees. We also have special programs for retirees with a competitive profit margin.

Providing the right property

We offer the service of searching for the right property according to the specifications and the required price through our distinguished partners spread throughout the Kingdom.


Modern Buildings Company provides residential and commercial real estate financing consultancy through its highly qualified consultants with long experience in this field.