Real Estate Project Marketing Department

Modern Real Estate Buildings markets the projects of leading companies and markets all investment projects specialized in selling residential units throughout the Kingdom, providing the following services:

The company coordinates the furnishing of one of the housing units as a display model
The company carries out publicity and advertising campaigns in all modern ways and means such as electronic advertisements, newspapers and social networking sites.
Placing illuminated and fixed panels and guiding panels for the project.
The presence of a marketer present in the project to receive customers.
The presence of an employee specialized in the field of real estate financing in the project.
The financing calculation is done while the client is in the project.
The company markets the project on its official website and sends text messages about the project to its database.
The company provides financing solutions to the customer and special rates that motivate the customer to buy a home.
The company offers a discount to all customers of furniture, electronics, electrical and kitchen companies